The Crimson Executioner
"Punishing sinners! ...and you know... stuff..."








In the Doghouse

Last known whereabouts:

His basement.


Mickey Hargitay
Nick Evans

The Crimson Executioner was the (arguably) main character featured in the film Rick and the 'Bots are subjected to in Episode 103, Bloody Pit of Horror. The character also appeared as a parody guest during a Host Segment played by Nick Evans.

The Film ExecutionerEdit

In the film's opening scene, the original Crimson Executioner is executed himself for "torturing and killing the innocent" 100's of years prior in an iron maiden.

Later, presumably in the mid-nineteen sixities, reclusive actor Travis Anderson takes up the mantle of The Crimson Executioner, torturing and killing several victims until he his tricked into killing himself by the protagonist of the film.

The character was a murderous egotist obsessed with punishing those he deemed as sinners.

He was portrayed by bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay, father of Law & Order: SVU star, Mariska Hargitary.

ICWXP ExecutionerEdit

In Host Segment 5 of Episode 103, Rick and the 'Bots receive their first call via the then-new view-screen. The video call is from none other than The Crimson Executioner (or a Crimson Executioner, at any rate).


The Crimson Executioner from the film.

Unlike his cinematic counterpart, this executioner is a bit out of shape and seems to have settled into a life of domestication with a wife and daughter. When he first appears, he is seen in a basement twirling a feminine baton. He goes on to reveal that he has been "training hardcore" to fill in for his daughter in marching band.

Rick and the 'Bots severally heckle this executioner over his weight and the mundane life he now leads. He refers to his beer-gut as an "energy mound" and a "single piston power source to a sex machine". He repeatedly demands Rick "punch it", claiming it to be "hard as a rock".

The Crimson Executioner makes idle threats and seems to suffer from incontinence, soiling himself while

The Crimson Executioner soils himself.

attempting to show off by lifting a weight bar with only 20 lbs. loaded.

His shrewish wife (voiced off-screen by series creator Rikk Wolf) instructs him to finish staining the new deck he has been building onto their house. He then proceeds to lather himself with water sealant and walk from side to side in the bizarre nature that his cinematic counterpart did in the film.

Later, he has a confrontation with Dr. Blackwood where he is heard to take a punch in the stomach from the mad inventor when he dares him to do so. The fight is an audio-only segment, and with Blackwood severely hallucinating, it's unclear if the struggle actually happened or was only in Blackwood's mind.

His real name appears to be Craig, and it seems his life has been uneffected by the zompocalypse.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Series creator Rikk Wolf has stated that actor Nick Evans "wasn't out of shape at all", but knew of no one else capable of portraying the part.