Picture 172

The Undead Horde.

The term "Reanimate" refers to individuals who have become affected (or possibly infected, more accurately) by the mysterious force that is causing the dead to reanimte and attack the living. Simply put, reanimates are murderous, flesh eating zombies.

Reanimates are responsible for the zompocalypse, and have possibly achieved global domination (this has not been officially established).

Little, if anything has been revealed about the nature of reanimates, and all reference to them thus far on ICWXP purely implies that they are classic, Romero Zombies, with a few possible exceptions.


A reanimate escaping its grave.

It is clear that some or possibly all reanimates posses enough physical power to dig themselves free of their graves. This would be an impossible feat of strength for any normal, living person. Reanimates might, in fact, possess super human strength. We see evidence of this in the opening shot of the ICWXP theme song.

Some reanimates appear to have advanced cataract clouding within their eyes, while others do not. This may indicate more advanced stages of zombification or unique mutation.

Picture 30

Reanimates engulfing a member of CORPS.

A Special Forces Unit was assembled at some point by the United States Military to combat these creatures by the name of CORPS (Command of Reanimate Processing and Suppression). The main protagonist of ICWXP, Rick Wolf, is a commander within CORPS. As of Episode 104, via comments made by Jonathan Kincaid, it is possible that CORPS has either disbanded or been eradicated by the reanimates.

The means by which reanimates return to life or cause other beings to become zombies has yet to be established. However, series creator Rikk Wolf has hinted that the newly introduced "Spy-Bots" that appear in the ICWXP theme song may have something to do with it.[1]

Notable ReanimatesEdit