Johnny Cylon
"What did we just say about your witchcraft and Satanism?"






1', 5" (before bi-pedal upgrade)


15 lbs.



Last known whereabouts:

Cine-A-Sorrow Theater

Voice / Puppeteer:

Zach Legler

One of the purportedly numerous robots created by Dr. Harrison Blackwood, Johnny Cylon is an "Usher-Bot" that was in charge of the duties one would expect from the title at Cine-A-Sorrow Theater during the 1950's or 1960's.

Cylon served at the curious theater for an undetermined amount of time before it was shut down as a result of the dangerous movie-related experiments conducted there by his creator.

Following the condemning of Cine-A-Sorrow and the reclusion of Blackwood to his workshop beneath the building, Cylon (along with Topsy Bot 5000) idly continued to occupy the theater.

Decades later, when Commander Rick Wolf takes refuge from the zompocalypse within Cine-A-Sorrow Theater, Cylon and Topsy join him in watching the bad movies that Blackwood forces him to watch.

It has been implied that Johnny is but one "Cylon-Model" robot created, but it is unclear how many preceded him, or if any came after him. A Cylon-Model head can often be seen Blackwood's workshop, and Blackwood also supplies Rick with a spare head when the original needed replacement in Episode 103.

Like Topsy, Cylon has no legs, instead using advanced hover technology to move about. Although, behind the scenes previews have shown that he has legs installed as an upgrade sometime between Episode 104 and 201.

Character OverviewEdit

Cylon's Old Head

Cylon's original silver head.

Johnny Cylon is quite unlike his co-working droid, Topsy, who is prone to very devious behavior. A more astute programming is Cylon's, who often finds himself alongside Rick in frustration with or victimization by Topsy's antics. Cylon's more personable and polite demeanor may be a result of his intended purpose as an Usher-Bot. An innocent and somewhat childlike nature sometimes makes Cylon an unwilling antagonist to Rick, through influence by Topsy.

Cylon is 51 years of age at the time of Episode 101[1], placing his creation most likely sometime in the early 60's, although the time period ICWXP is set within has yet to be officially established by the creators. In any case, this leaves Topsy Bot 5000 three years his senior[2].

In a video update hosted by Topsy, Johnny is said to be pursuing a carreer in rap musicv and has been briefly shown recording a song he wrote. This of course might not be considered canonical.

The NameEdit

The character's given name is taken from "Johnny Five" of the film Short-Circuit. Despite popular belief, "Cylon" is not taken from the cybernetic civilization featured in Battlestar Galatica, but was chosen as an alternative sound-alike to the surname of Tom Servo of MST3K.