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CORPS (Command of Reanimate Processing and Suppression) is a United States Military Special Operations Force that deals exclusively with combatting zombies.

As with the other exterior faction on ICWXP, The Ludivico Corporation, little is known about CORPS.

Through passing comments made throughout the series, conclusions can be drawn suggesting that CORPS is a nation-wide task force attempting to quell the zombie outbreak that is throwing the world into ruin.

As of Episode 104, via comments made by Jonathan Kincaid, it's been suggested that CORPS has been overrun by the zompocalypse and has either disbanded or simply been eradicated by the zombies. The truth to this statement has been disputed given Kincaid's villainous nature, however.

It appears that the standard weapon of a CORPS solider is the FN-P90 submachine gun (heavily used on Sci-Fi series Stargate SG-1), which Commander Rick Wolf's ill-fated squad is seen using during the show's opening theme song . Secondary weapons appear to be the Beretta 92 handgun and a standard combat knife.

The CORPS uniform is a standard black military BDU and cadet hat. The other CORPS soliders seen in the show's theme song, as well as Rick up until Episode 103, are also seen wearing tactical battle vests.

In Episode 104, before Kincaid reveals his intentions and allegiance, Rick asks if he's with the "CORPS Evac Team", suggesting that CORPS can and does make the effort to extract soldiers (and possibly civilians) out of dangerous areas.

The ultimate fate of CORPS is yet to be revealed.

The NameEdit

The acronym and functionality of CORPS is not unlike the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) teams featured in Resident Evil's video game continuity.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Series creator Rikk Wolf has revealed in interviews that his original intention was to produce a darkly comedic action-horror reality show entitled "CORPS".

The show was to follow a group of CORPS soldiers as they fought within the confines of an undead Midwestern war-zone. Wolf quickly realized he simply couldn't fund the project and the concept was shelved, but it left him with the uniform his character wears on ICWXP.

Later, Wolf incorporated CORPS into the world of ICWXP.

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CORPS soldiers battling zombies.